Sigma 30 f/1.4 vs sigma 56mm f/1.4

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Re: Sigma 30 f/1.4 vs sigma 56mm f/1.4

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Depends on shooting environment, as ever. I've just returned from a three-day music festival where I shot from the crowd using the 56mm - it was the only lens I could take (I have the 30mm as well so needed to choose between the two). Zooming with feet worked fine, as did the occasional video scene. For stills the 56mm is my favourite (room permitting) of the Sigma trinity of f/1.4 primes, though all are excellent.

For video (like speaking to camera webcast-style), I've actually found that the 16mm is better than either the 30 or the 56mm - wide, sharp, nice colours. Again depends on what you're shooting.

Yes I will be using the panasonic leica 8-18mm for the wide shots. The 30mm and 56mm will be more for the bokeh shots and people shooting (full body but also close up eye shots). Also I want to get more detail of landscapes and use it in low light.

Understood. Guess the main question is then about the available distance from your subjects in your setting. With lots of room, I'd slightly favour the 56 over the 30, especially for background blur - does a really nice job. In a tighter space the 30 will be your option.

Though if you can, get both - you willl hear plenty of others say this. Gives a nice balance between 'nornal' and 'long', and the 30 is amazingly cheap for what it gives you. Other than the minor pain of switching lenses, the Sigma trinity is my go-to combo for low-light work, especially concerts where flash is a no--no.

I do have a panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake, do you recommend me to sell that one for the 30mm?

I don't have and have never used the 20mm, though I will probably get it to pair with a GM5 when I need to go super compact. I could see different use cases for both so not sure it's an either/or, again depends on the shooting conditions you encounter.

My alternative to the Sigma 30 is the Oly 25mm f/1.8, another excellent lens; I just prefer the extra 2/3 stop of light with the Sigma given where I'm shooting a lot of the time.

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