ASI290MC vs. ASI224MC for planetary

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Re: ASI290MC vs. ASI224MC for planetary

clarnibass wrote:


I read about the theory and math of why some pixel sizes can be better with some setups, etc.

I'm trying to decide between these two cameras for planetary. My setup is an SCT 8" 2000mm ACF telescope. Supposedly, adding a x2 barlow, the ASI224 is the "correct" pixel size. The ASI290 is close but not exactly without a barlow.

What I'd like to know is what, in practice, would the difference in the result be, everything else being equal? The ASI290 would have "more pixels on the target", so if the overall result won't be as good as the ASI224, in what way?

Does anyone know?


This seems to call for a wheel I'm not capable of inventing, much less re-inventing, but there are many discussions of the relative merits of those two cameras ready for your review on the cloudy nights forums, You can start here.

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