Advice on Olympus EM1II vs Sony A6500

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Re: Advice on Olympus EM1II vs Sony A6500

rsf3127 wrote:

I have had plenty of Sony cameras since the A700.

A while ago I tried an OM-D EM10II and liked it for its colors and portability with sharp and compact zooms. It became my travel camera.

I still have a lot of Sony and Sigma primes that I use with my A6000 in my office and to record video.

I need a camera to record video with a proper mic entry. I also am lusting after a longer lens to take on vacation to either Galapagos or Africa.

I can either rent some Sony telezoom or buy an Olympus 75-300 lens. It would be the same price.

have you considered the Sigma 100-400mm for your A6000?  Should give you significantly better pictures than the Oly 75-300 at a very competitive price, that would be my choice for Africa and Galapagos.

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