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cosmicnode wrote:

olindacat wrote:

cosmicnode wrote:

3 photo's, 3 lenses, 200-400, 70-300 and 200-500. the 200-400 is now sold. too big and heavy. with only the advantage of the faster aperture.

Thanks for the comparison. Is it me or is image #1 the sharpest? That was shot wide open, right? Are all three cars running at similar speeds? Over 100mph, eh? My takeaway is the second and third seem a bit out of focus at 100%, but that may be the speed of vehicle? I'm sure you have these tuned as well as possible? Very helpful thanks.

I think you will find that No1 is the least sharp despite being shot at 1/2500 sec when the other 2 are shot at a much slower speed, 1/320sec and 1/400sec, I shoot at slower speeds to give the impression of motion and the images are not always sharp due to the panning movement changing focus from front to rear as a car turns.

This is shot at a much higher shutter speed.

Just love them!

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