Z6 - stabilization artifacts on videos in the corners

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Re: Z6 - stabilization artifacts on videos in the corners

I know why this is. Wide lenses, always bend the images a bit, especially in extreme corners. In an images (2D) you don't really see it (especially after correction), unless it's such shot like UWA trees, where the roots bend at bottom. That's 'perspective distortion'. If you move camera even a little bit, those corners will bend in a much different way, but outside of those corners, the images renders 'succesfully' flat. The corners are basically over compensated (bended). This is worse in zooms. And should be worse in 24-70mm F4 as it has highest distortion in class so far (as far as i'm aware). IBIS makes it worse, as it basically extends the 'center that is used of the lens', by going up and down, further away from center into the worse zone that bends the image more. Weirdly enough my 24-70mm VR never showed this to big extend, i think it's because of the oversized lens (82mm), flatter field, and better distortion correction.

If you look true viewfinder (or EVF), and shake the camera a lot, with foregrond (like roots of trees), and far stuff (like branches in upper corners), you will see this fish-eye like effect of stuff in corners becoming small, then massive, then small.

When you zoom, you will see corners suddenly become less bended, and if you zoom out, more. This IBIS that Z- camera have, does sort of zooming effect. Image doesnt zoom in, but if IBIS move to one corner, that corner gets the 'bending' effect, wich equals a bit what zooming looks like. It looks like IBIS will have this look on Wide images, try 50-70mm, i think this problem shouldnt exist there, cause there is no image bending from thos focal length, maybe a little bit with zoom lenses. Over corrected lenses like Sigma 40mm F1.4 art will have this effect much less, cause they don't rely on corner bending to get stuff in frame, but a slow and steady 'widening of the elements (wich it has a ton off, wich is why it's heavy and so sharp at F1.4). The 14-30mm F4 should have this even more, because of it's UWA nature, and F4 distoration compromise design.

My nikon 20mm also has this. IF you move up or down, the corners render extremely different, they 'bend' out and inwards, while rest of image stays same. It's why i recognize it so fast in video, cause i learned to work with it on UWA lens.

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