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SushiEater wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Thanks SushiEater for the info about the M15. Prior Alienware models looked kind of clunky, as does the Alienware 17 R5 still, at 9.74 lbs.

HP has an Omen line where the 17" model is more streamlined. Dell has some Precision models with 17" screen, but no XPS 17.

I agree that gaming machines, provided they have a good screen with close to 100% sRGB gamut, make the most cost effective photo editing laptops.

There is only one screen on Dell laptops that provides 100% gamut and that is 4K. All others are 72%. To be honest for my purpose I see no difference. My backup laptop also Dell with 6700HQ (8750H is 70% faster on the same RAW conversion) with the regular screen. The only difference is that 4K screen is way sharper but also text is smaller so you better have a good vision. But more of the stuff fits on the screen.

That's changing right now with the new OLED displays on Dell/Alienware PC's.

If you need a slimmer one go XPS.

If you can deal with a slightly more bulky one then the Dell G7 once the OLED is available.  This is the equivalent model of the Dell Gaming 7000 I bought 2 years ago and has been a pretty nice computer so far.

And if you can go larger still and want the most performance/upgradability Alienware, though the penalty in size is a lot less than before with some of their models.  Though if you want to go crazy they still have the really think desktop replacements.

One other thing, with laptops the cooling matters A LOT for performance with these top end CPU's so I'd double check benchmarks before buying.

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