JPG vs RAW for example ISO 100

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Re: JPG vs RAW for example ISO 100

maccam wrote:

a6300 wrote:

Which is better? Noise is bigger in raw, it seems that jpg is smoother. RAW files without noise reduction applied. You can easely see when zoomed in. But how you can say which is better? I take RAW+JPG and now I think is better to delete RAW..

You can do whatever you want but you get a lot more latitude when shooting RAW. Look at any DPR camera review and RAW is almost always rated better than JPG. I say "almost" because I did see one review where JPG was rated higher than RAW but I can't remember the camera.


I agree almost but just stupid noise is bigger in RAW. I think in jgp

High ISO Noise Reduction settings: "Off" would be best?

I dont understand whi "high iSO" becoz even in ISO 100-.

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