WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

It is precisely because everyone's eyesight is different that calibration is important. It is a reason to calibrate, not a reason not to.

The only way for you to actually know that your monitor is displaying RGB 100,100,100 as neutral gray is to measure it with an instrument. Human eyes are not reliable enough to say "yes that's objectively neutral gray."

If you think not calibrating is OK for the reason that your work is only for you, OK...but there are so many flaws with that.

Your eyes may change over time. If you judge color based on how it looks today, and 10 years later your eyes have shifted, now your older work looks wrong because you have been building your work on shifting sands, not solid ground.

Photography is a form of communication, so although it is for you, if anyone else sees your work and the color looks off because of the way your eyes work, then that's what people will think of your work. It's off.

With calibration, at least there is a set of known conditions under which the colors will be as consistent as possible with what you intended, when seen by you at any age and by anyone else. If someone else reproduces those conditions, the colors look the same. Without calibration there is no baseline, only finger pointing as to how the colors got screwed up.

While eyes vary, the great thing about calibration is that it enables the scenario where colors have the least chance to look wrong. That sounds awfully good to me.

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