Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: It's been that way for a long time...

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Batdude wrote:

Where, how and why did this resolution thing start to begin with? I mean, who on earth needs so much resolution??? I am going to guess that only a few photographers need such cameras.

You're stuck on need. Replace it with want.

I have always and will always want more resolution. Started with 35mm and then to 6x7 and finally moved up to 4x5 over time and it was amazing, loved what I could do with it. No different here - I'll always take more useable resolution.

Normal progression. It is better to have more and not need it and need it and not have enough.

Its better still to have enough.      More than enough is not efficient or optimising value.

“Useable resolution”.    I’m curious to know how one “uses” a 180mb file.       As I mentioned earlier,   We regularly shoot billboards and bus backs (double decker full height images btw... ) and we output files of circa 40mb to do so...ergo...  we downsize off the 24mp camera.

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