Rx100 M2 I really don´t like background defocus and now?

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Re: Rx100 M2 I really don´t like background defocus and now?

ALMD wrote:

I haven´t take my 100% decision on returning the camera, but if I can´t obtain similar results with Hx20V, camera that i love, but is with a lens dirty inside problema and a menu problema (not always work in right conditions).

Many Thanks,


Two things:


You may regret that decision later. the rx100 II it's a better camera up to 100 mm than all the Hx's . It has a bigger sensor = more IQ, low light capabilities when paired with the faster lens.

The Hx50 (because I don't have a hx20), a more recent camera than the HX20 has a f3.5 to f6.3 lens but I can stop it down to f8 max.

the rx100 II can be stopped down to f16 (if I'm not mistaken) and it can use higher ISO than the HXs.

In conjuction with a smaller f stop try this. it may help.


Multi focus points.

the hx50 with the multi focus points (25, the same as rx100 II) it's highly improbable getting blurred backgrounds (and hardly focus in what you want )

with a single point the HX50 defocus the background, in other words, it cheats.

Look, where I'm tried to go with this, IMHO I think the MK II suites better to your type of photography than the HX20 (you said yourself, you didn't need the zoom)

Perhaps you were/are so used to the HX20, that now you find it strange, hey, the first time I pick up a canon 350d with a 50 mm lens, the first thing I did was choosing all focus points, because I was getting blurred backgrounds.

But they are different cameras (Hx and the rx), and for what you do the rx is simply better.


Yeah, the menu thing must be P.D.I.  (an aging thing) mine has that too.

sometimes helps, taking out the battery and putting right in .

Regarding the lens dirt, you can try call the Sony tech support to send your camera to clean the sensor or go to a camera store to do that.

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