Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Old Ricoh User wrote:

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Are sensors with less resolution with bigger pixels really gone forever

I more than understand what you are saying. We live in a world with a mostly insecure Millenial generation that aways needs the last and greatest with larger numbers. You don't have to look any farther the current smartphone situation. No way are the masses going to be caught holding last year's phone number. As for the camera gear heads it's an addiction that they can't stop. They never get to know their current camera before trading up. But for people like us there will always lots of discarded older used models. I have friends that search for specific camera models not only because the liked using it but because of cohesion in their work. They grab up Nikon D300, Ricoh GRD1, Leica M9, and numerous others made in the mid 2000s. Use what you like and screw the camera market.

It’s not the millennials buying this stuff, it’s the boomers. The millennials can’t afford it.

why do folks always blame them?

Because that's who I see walking around with the latest gear, that's who the camera store owners are telling me who is buying it, and most of the boomers I see walking around New York City and Philadelphia are either still using film or using 5+ year old gear.

Well it ain’t that way here.    It’s hobbiests with dosh,  and that’s the boomers.   Millennials are too busy paying off their mortgages and saving for their retirement.

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