Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

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Re: Where Is the Camera Industry Headed In this Ridiculous Resolution War?

io_bg wrote:

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io_bg wrote:

Those pros who need to be on top of their game and offer more than what most amateurs and other pros are capable of. The A7 IV will soon follow for those who don't need so much resolution.

Any pro who differentiates himself by his gear, is wasting his time.

The customers don’t care about anything in excess of their needs technically, (most don’t even know what those are btw..) they want good pictures and more importantly, good service.

they really don’t give a stuff if you use a 24mp or 60mp camera... just as long as... see above,

I'm sure it makes a difference to high-end customers.

Define a “high end” customer.

Customers care about results.... not how you get there.

pros have the gear and facility which are necessary  to fullfill their customers needs,  often this is less than an amateur will have because the customer doesn’t need the extras.... and spending more than you need to in a business is no way to generate profit.

In the past we used to differentiate ourselves technically... but we didn’t talk about the technical  aspects,  we talked about the service.... it was the superior service which was our usp... even if it was enabled by our ability to spend on gear.

nowadays,  there is nowhere to go with that Technically because all the the facilities that a customer needs for a still service,  are available to anyone at a very modest cost.

All this technology has actually made itself redundant for pros.    It’s ubiquitous and as such  is no longer the determiner of a good photographer,  and can no longer be relied upon to prop up a business.

We have come full circle,  back to the pre digital era,  it’s not the gear anymore,  it’s the photography.

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