Anyone thinking of trading their A9 for the A7Riv?

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captivatingphotography Junior Member • Posts: 44
As with all kit...

The questions to ask, 100% of the time, is what do you need your equipment to do, will this be sufficiently capable and provide more than you currently possess, and can you/your business afford it?

Assuming this is not a pipe dream and money is the least consideration, then it tends to be an easier question these days, curiously, as the bottom line is that most gear is superb, regardless of make and model.

In this particular case, the A9 gives superb pictures in most scenarios and is blisteringly fast doing so. Where it falls down in comparison is, of course, the resolution, a little noisier perhaps, and the DR. Bear in mind, though, that this is a comparison and I've not come across a situation yet where the A9 failed to get the desired result for me.

That said, if those particular areas are the very ones that you make use of more than any other, it would be a 'no-brainer'.

For me, I crave the speed and baulk at the processing being any slower, together with the massive storage requirements, that the A7Riv would likely bring.

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