Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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Re: Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

nbirkett wrote:

TJ61 wrote:

Again, fully test your chosen backup solution before you go.

100% agree with this advice.

Could the type of iPad (and the version of IOS) make a different to the transfer possibilities?

I try it myself but I have an 8 year old ipad (ipd 2 I think) that can only run IOS v8. So, any testing that I might do would be irrelevant

Yes, I absolutely think iOS version could make a difference, because IMO most (all?) of the restrictions are software-based. The restrictions are things like, all content needs to be in a folder named "DCIM" (and nothing else). IIRC, at first this DCIM folder had to be in the root directory (making it a hard fail for Sony cameras), but that appears to be fixed now. (MP4 videos still don't show up, though, as they're not in this DCIM folder.) Also, image file names need to follow the DCF specs exactly, or they simply won't show up on the iPad.

Apple still can't figure out what to do when presented with RAW+JPG. Of the small number of possibilities, they picked a choice so astoundingly inane, it wouldn't even occur to you. This is also something that could be fixed in a new iOS version. But, given how many years they've already had to do it, don't hold your breath.

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