Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

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Re: Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

I get you. I don't mind the term "bokeh", but it's true that many folks look at this word only to describe how blurry the OOF background is when there is much more to it.

In an effort of honest disclaimer: what I shoot doesn't really concern bokeh much if at all. I'll look at it when I'm evaluating a lens, but given I'm almost always at the intermediate apertures (if possible) for studio/landscape, it's a non issue. I'm very much in the "transparency" camp when it comes to lenses. When the rare occasion comes up I need bokeh, I reach for the 105/1.4E, which excels at it (and OOF transitions) almost as good as the 200/2G I used to own, and most times, if I'm wide open, it's theater/stage work where I need contrast, and bokeh again becomes a non-issue. All about understanding the various ways we use our tools, and it's something I'm trying to get better at as I write about lenses.

Expounding a bit on my other post. One thing we all have to consider is that while some of us do "chase" resolution and "the sharpest" lens, for some subjects/use cases such a chase isn't going to be meaningful (and for some, it absolutely will be). Take an event shooter or a wedding shooter. Handheld, higher ISO, moderate aperture, couple dancing, focus decent but not technically 100% spot on perfect - absolutely no way, at all, high frequency resolution will ever be *available* for the capture, because too many elements are taking way that potential. Low frequency resolution (coarse structures in MTF terms) of course would be still a contributor to things. In this use case, you might not see much difference between a truly sharp lens and a "decently" sharp lens at F/4, but then, go to a landscape scenario, high end tripod/ballhead, precise focusing, good atmosphere, everything locked down, you'd easily see the difference - and of course, there's a gamut of granularity in between those two poles as well.


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