Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

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Re: Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

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I would love to add a M50 as my second camera to my Canon RP. The M50 with the fabulous EF-M 32mm would be a dream!

But I hesitate because of the limited adjustability of auto ISO. Just 1/focal length shutter speed is not good enough for me, for instance 1/40 with the 32mm would cause a lot of blurred images with my not so stable hands. I experienced this with the M and the EF-M 22mm, in the end I gave up and sold the combo (for this and other reasons). With the RP I can adjust within auto ISO the minimum shutter speed to faster (or slower) thus generating for instance with a 50mm a minimum shutter speed of 1/100 which is fine for me. Yes I can always monitor the shutter speed and select higher ISO in manual ISO if needed, but to be honest, this is distracting for me; I really prefer to select aperture in "Av" mode let the camera doing anything else and concentrate fully on image composition. Using "Tv" or "P" mode would limit selection of preferred aperture. Using the slow zooms with IS is not a desirable alternative for me. So how do you handle this?

Just learn to use Manual mode + auto ISO + exposure compensation when needed. That is much more flexible and you won't be limited by all those auto limits that will get in your way quite often. E.g. when you want to have smooth water from a nice little waterfall at 1/8 or 1/4 handheld. Or 10s at a tripod.

You may want to use AV mode with fixed ISO in rare situations.

I totally agree! Why leave the A or S up to the camera. Just use M and auto ISO.

Sometimes there is no time/attention to handle these tasks next to other tasks.

If you need /100 sec just set it, let the camera determine the expose using auto ISO.

The problem is the camera can't go lower than ISO 100, so you have to switch to Av if you don't have the time to babysit the shutter speed.

It's the only way I shoot, use EC dial when needed. Once you start getting used to this you'll wonder why did I ever let my camera choose A or S.

There are types of shooting baby sitting the shutter speed is one task at the time to much.


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