Anyone thinking of trading their A9 for the A7Riv?

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Re: Anyone thinking of trading their A9 for the A7Riv?

ShotsByCC wrote:

Yes, I'm going to go from an A9 to A7RIV I believe. Some may see it as a downgrade or why not wait until A9 2. But in regards to waiting until A9 2, no idea when they maybe, and presumably will be a lot more money than the already expensive A7R IV and if I trade in A9 now will be worth a lot more than when A9 2 Is released in my opinnion. Also no guarantee the A9 2 will be an r model and will more likely focus on speed than resolution.

I didn't get A9 for the 20 fps, nice bonus, rather it was several features it had at the time over the A7 options. I can't recall them all at this time.

The A7r IV gets us USB-C transfer and charging, a button for compensation dial (massive since it always gets turn on me), and removal of the speed dial so that we can program shooting speeds into custom modes/buttons, two UHS-II card slots rather than one, improved dynamic range, and 10fps is perfect for my needs. Enjoyed 20fps but ultimately spent forevering in Lightroom with all the extra shots. And the massive resolution increase is a major bonus. And can currently sell the a9 for roughly the cost of getting new a7r IV, while will cost me a few hundred extra.

Sounds like it's not totally blackout free, but most likely good enough if not a sports photographer. Also 74% coverage vs I think 93% coverage with A9, so that's more of a significant downside but the other benefits may out weight that. Also ISO is a lot higher on A9 I believe, but I've never used those extremely high numbers before so won't affect me but may depending no your type of shooting.

So if you bought A9 for sports photography (as it was intended) then I imagine you will want to wait for A9 2. If you bought it because it was the best overall camera at the time and had better features compared to other options at the time, then yes a7r IV may be a nice upgrade. Depending which of those you are tho you will probably feel strongly one way of the other.

Things I really lie in the R4 are the even higher rate EVF, higher MP, the improved camera grip (there was side-by-side on SAR and it is definitely a big improvement with little extra body size), both card slots the same (higher speed), and the improved sealing.   Things I would miss from the A9 would be the no blackout EVF, AF speed, and the fact that I would have to pay around $400-500 more to change - although the A92 will probably be $4500 when released (speculation).

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