Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

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Re: Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

eidetic_photog wrote:

My question to any of the LX100 II users here is whether you think that it is a big enough step up from both the LX7 and X70. What other pros and cons can you think of compared to the other cameras I mentioned?

Know nothing of the X70 but I had the LX7 which was super camera with the add-on EVF. I now have the LX100ii and reasons I would commend are that it has a viewfinder, is fun to use, and allows you to get exactly the result you are looking for. As others have said, it is not a pocket camera and nor was the LX7. My suggestion would be to use your phone as your pocket camera and the LX100 for things that you regard as important to get right. Hang it round your neck on your travels and when you suddenly find yourself in the shadow-filled great hall of a Tudor manor house, viewing ancient hills in twilight, or contemplating the dimly lit nave of a 12th century village church you'll be able to capture the feeling of what you see in a way your phone just won't. In most situations it will give you great results.

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