What do you want in 5DV?

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Re: What do you want in 5DV?

5div is perfect when it comes to stills. If you think you don’t have enough DR or noise performance with the current 30MP sensor then the problem is you not Canon.

I think most improvements would be video related.

- Hybrid VF: utilize Canon patent to enable OVF to supply digital feed and work as EVF. This will mean 5dV could be the first hybrid mirrorless DSLR with a dedicated switch. There will be no competition.

- Proper 4k, no crop and 120mbps codec; 120fps in FHD with AF.

- Flippy screen. Canon has the best tech for this. It is mind boggling how 5div didnt get it while 6dii did.

- Improvements to DPAF - similar to EOS R but better with tracking eye detect in photo and video.

- IBIS would be nice but I doubt Canon would adopt it on dslr.

One feature I wish camera manufacturers would adopt is AWB lock/hold. Similar to AE hold, point a camera to where you’re happy with WB and lock it with a press of a button. Canon’s current custom WB routine is horrible.

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