Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

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Re: Travel camera feedback (LX7 vs LX100 II vs Fuji X70)

eidetic_photog wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

I have the LX100 MKI.

I really the LX100 MKI for its hands-on operation. However I would not consider the LX100 a "pocketable" compact; in fact I find it too bulky (overall body/ lens depth) to comfortably carry in a belt-type case.

Also for myself I find the 75mm EFL too short for travel, hence I got the ZS100 to complement the LX100 as the ZS100 is pocketable and can be carried in a belt-type case, and the ZS100 uses the same battery as the LX100.

If you truly want a "pocketable" travel compact, IMHO its hard to beat the RX100 VI with its f/2.8-4.5 24-200mm EFL if you don't mind the $1,198.00 price.
DPR RX100 VI Review HERE.


Thanks for all of the thought you put into this and all of the detail. ...

You're welcome.

... but I really love the manual controls of the LX100 series ...

Same reasons I bought the LX100 MK1, but as I noted ".. If you truly want a "pocketable" travel compact ..."  the LX100 overall depth size too large to be "pocketable" compact.

Good Luck!; and post some pics when you get back home.


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