Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

Started Jul 16, 2019 | Discussions thread
OP Sea Hunt 2 Regular Member • Posts: 338
Re: Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

Just commenting this:

”Shutter speed does not matter for dust. It's the aperture that makes it visible. If you stop the aperture down too much it may show up in your images. If that's an issue in video because of slow shutter speed maybe an ND filter would help to keep a larger aperture.”

An ND filter of the right strength is not always there when you need it for the video. Trying to keep the shutter time around 1/50 may result in f 16 for example. Then it is good to know your sensor is clean not to need to clean your moving image afterwards. So the sensor protection provided by Aurora filters could be an answer to some of us.

See Nikonrumors for the info...

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