A7R IV or Wait for A9 II?

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A7R IV or Wait for A9 II?


Amateur (enthusiast?) photographer here. I shoot a range of photography--landscape, portraiture, nature, sports--but I'm shooting BIF more and more.

Currently, I'm shooting both Nikon (D850) and Sony (A7r 3) but will likely transition completely to Sony. I tried the D5 but found the poor DR at low ISO disappointing. I know, it was well advertised, but I overestimated the amount of low-light shooting I do, and I find that I rely on cropping quite a bit. The D850 is a great camera, but it's a big hulking beast, and I love the flexibility of the EVF. I love reviewing images in the Sony EVF and the additional information available as well as the ability to go very small with the Rokinon 35mm 2.8 when desired (the 12-24 is my favorite UWA lens ever, and I use the 55mm a lot more than I thought even though I swore that 50mm was one of my least favorite focal lengths).

The Tradeoffs

With this background, my dilemma is whether to go with the A7r4 or wait for the A9II? I like resolution but 24MP is too little for general use and 60MP (even 42MP is more than needed). I suspect that the A9II will be 32-36MP, which for me is the Goldilocks camera resolution. I'm sure the A9 update will have other improvements, but the resolution boost along with the current A9 features (amazing AF speed and accuracy) are the primary attractions.

The A7r4 is a very attractive upgrade, but it missed on some of my key wants.  More resolution was not one of them, but with 26MP crop mode, it would obviate my need/desire to pick up the A7000 when released. I most wanted lossless RAW compression. I guess I'd need to learn to live with Sony's compression scheme.

I was hoping for black-out-free continuous shooting (as well as elimination of rolling shutter distortion), but I guess those are A9 exclusive features.

My question

However, those are wants not needs.  If the AF speed and tracking is substantially better than the III, then I might get most of what I want from the IV  with (at least) a $1000 savings.

Any thoughts on how good the A7r IV AF is? Does it come close to the A9's?  I know 20FPS is more than 10FPS, but 10FPS is fast enough for me, so that speed isn't a factor. However, tracking ability and accuracy are critical.

Sony a7R Sony a9
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