Help with TC for old Sigma 150-500

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Help with TC for old Sigma 150-500

Hi !

I use the Sigma 150-500 lens with Nikon d800 and d3100 body and for some reasons for some future session I faced a necessity of buying a teleconverter for it.

There is actually couple that we have around on the market for 150-500 for now:

The Kenko TELEPLUS PRO300 1.4X (or their new TELEPLUS HD PRO 1.4X DGX)

And an old SIGMA APO TELE 1.4X EX DG - as the new Sigma 1401 won’t work with an old 150-500.

Could you be so kind, please, sharing your experience about using YOUR teleconverter and it behaviour?

I’m aware about some loss in a whole Image quality, but particularly now I’m interesting a lot about these aspects:

1) Ability to AF ( considering we have a ideal light conditions for example) within all zoom length 150 - 500 ( maybe you’re aware of common trick with Sigma TC with disabling with a tape the AF reporting pin ) ?

2) OS ( VR) on 150-500 functional with TC attached ? Is it still working properly ?

3) Ability to pass correct metering and EXIF to camera body ?

4) TC experience with other non Sigma lens ?

5) Battery life with teleconverter attached ?

I almost lean buying Kenko - it’s seems to me that in a construction and optically it should be better then an very old Sigma TC, but ....

1) Most enthusiastic reviews on the web related just with an old Kenko PRO 300 TC, but not about that one that I intend to acquire. Despite the Kenko website tell us that "Premium 1.4x teleconverter to replace long-seller TELEPLUS PRO300 series" it nobody really knows how it will be coupled with an old Sigma lens.

2) Sigma should work with 150-500 without any issues, it's supported officially, and also I hesitate about Kenko production quality ( there are few reports on web ) and also agane about Kenko compatibility with my old Sigma, as I also read some mentions that Kenko wasn't able to work with some HSM Sigma, in addition there is no any Sigma officially in Kenko compatibility list yet.

Thank you !

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