Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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Re: Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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But the sigma primes lack OSS. If you want to use sigma primes you probably pair them with a6500 so you miss a6400 superior AF capabilities. If you want OSS primes and a6400 you have to buy the ones from Sony which are F1.8 :/

Do you really miss stabilization at that short of focal length? I don't have the steadiest of hands, but I've not had shake issues with my a6400 when using the Sigma 30/1.4. I've even gone down to 1/40 for shutter speed and been fine (as long as I'm willing to bump iso up to 6400 for low light).

maybe I should give it a try... what do you use for your a6400 & Sigma combo?

In good light, I bump the minimum shutter speed up to at least 1/120 or faster. As light decreases, I'll sometimes let the camera decide for me by setting the auto iso to 6400 or even 12800 and the minimum shutter speed to normal (which with the 30mm/1.4 tends to be around 1/50). I've manually set the minimum shutter as slow as 1/40 and still gotten good pics, but prefer to just bounce flash if the lighting is that bad.

Below is a pic I took of my nephews in our living (which has poor lighting) about a month ago. The ISO is at 1600 and the shutter speed at 1/40. I should have bumped the ISO up some or attached my flash, but getting these two to hold reasonably still is next to impossible, so I just picked up my camera and started shooting with whatever settings I had on it at the time.

Don't forget the built in pop up flash - it can be pulled back and used to reflect off the wall or ceiling. It is useful .

use the fingers of your other hand to flip it back , or

Or you could buy into this-

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