Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

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Re: Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

Michal Minich wrote:

I found inability to set minimum shutter speed in Av or do speed adjustments very limiting an annoying. I already miss a couple of shots because of it. This is my Top 1 requirement for my camera upgrade. I really hope M5/6 Mark II will have it.

I always shoot in Av, Tv or M modes, always in auto ISO (set to 3200 or 6400). I find the ISO performance good up to 3200.

When shooting my kid, I need usually need to use 1/200 or shorter to avoid blurry images. Very often this is not possible in Av mode - my favorite. I have to switch then to M mode. Then set the time manually. This results in sub-optimal results - either I set the time too short and get higher-ISO than necessary, or too long, and I get overexposed image. Also it takes additional time to change the modes and T value. Which is even worsened when I have to shoot between sunlight and shadow.

This one of main limitations which prevents me to take shots I want. The other is inability to set shutter priority over focus priority; also 'shutter lag' in servo-AF for first shot.

Thanks! I agree, I'm a stills shooter but the Auto ISO limitation is also crippling action shootings! You could use Tv mode of course, but then you cannot use the preferred aperture.
With only one real dial available I find the M mode not comfortable at all...

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