Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

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Re: Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

Sea Hunt 2 wrote:

Vladimir writes here under the thread ”Another topic about banding etc.” the following about his Nikon Z:

I don't know who is "Vladimir", but...

”In my opinion, the only problem with this camera is that the sensor is no protected - it easily gets dust, and if it’s not critical for a photo, then it’s very bad for a video.”

Videos are also my special consideration. As the shutter times are around 1/50 then often the apertures will be something like 11 or 16. Sensor dust will easily become visible. Cleaning of video shots is more complicated than the cleaning of a few photos.

Shutter speed does not matter for dust. It's the aperture that makes it visible. If you stop the aperture down too much it may show up in your images. If that's an issue in video because of slow shutter speed maybe an ND filter would help to keep a larger aperture.

But he is right, cleaning a few still images in post is not a big deal, but doing it in video is pretty much impossible. I don't know how to do it in video, if there is some special software or not. Anyway, if one is worried, it is better to check and clean before an important shot.

As far as I know, there are no mirrorless cameras with a mechanical shutter against dust, but as I said a few times already, I think Nikon should introduce this in a firmware update. They could easily implement that the mechanical shutter closes when you switch off the camera or remove a lens. I think there is ZERO reason to keep the mechanical shutter fully open when images can not be taken. The only reason to do that is to be able to clean the sensor, just like in the DSLRs.

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