Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

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Re: Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

Greg lamont wrote:

It starts out ok, but according to some the turning of the lens can create dust,

It's actually the zooming which might suck in dust, but more likely the lens change. I would have welcomed if the mechanical shutter would close when the camera is switched off or a lens is removed. It would not provide 100% protection, but definitely some and exactly the same as a DSLR has.

I find that hard to except as the lens should be sealed, but I am not an expert and just go with the flow.

There is no way to seal the lenses hermetically because as you use the zoom or focus the lens, air is sucked in or pushed out, otherwise you would not be able to operate the lenses. There are gaskets and I think they should work pretty well, so I don't think zooming and focusing causes issues, at least not if you are using weather sealed lenses, but as soon as you change a lens there is always a risk. Anyway, In my opinion, tere is no dust issue with the Z7, so I am not worried about changing lenses and also use some old non-sealed lenses.

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