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Re: Sony is ahead, they have set the bar...

maljo@inreach.com wrote:

The only question is how long it will take Nikon and Canon to catch up?

Its good to keep perspective: if you have a Nikon or Canon camera you have a pretty terrific image making tool.


...and I would argue, still a superior image creating tool.  Nikon's colors still blow away the Sony's... yes, we can change it all in post, but I like to do as little in post as possible.  It's the AF on the Nikon that I want to see vastly improved.  They need to not only bring 3D back but it should be on a 4D level.. it's the single greatest attraction for me with the Sony System, seconded by their number of customizable camera control points.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed using the A7III I rented a few weeks back.  It's screen resolution and size led me to conclude on the Z6 (plus I've mostly shot Nikon over the years).

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