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Re: Sony A7rIV vs Nikon "Z8"

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I think we have digital and years of rapid advancement to thank for the new paradigm regardless of manufacturer. While Sony keeps the older bodies on the sales list and just marks em down, it was always really easy to get barely used Canon's and Nikons on the used market shortly after a new model is released. Nikon 810s were selling for $3000k new up until the 850 was launched. Barely used ones cratered to $1300 right after that.

The million dollar question is: for landscape photography do we spend $5000+ on a Nikon Z7+f/2.8 24-70mm 'S' Lens or buy into an entirely new and rapidly evolving ecosystem with all these incredible advancements Nikon won't see for years?

You're right about the advancements Nikon won't see part; there is only this much they can improve their DSLRs. This next leg of the tech race is in mirrorless. The thing with this race is that it doesn't matter who comes out first. the companies are just going to constantly leapfrog each other.

Nikon uses Sony sensors, so whatever Sony does, Nikon has been following up with a Nikon version of the Sony camera, usually with a bit more sensibility than the Sony version. Things Nikon does better like XQD, ergonomics, lossless compression come into mind. Sony also essentially just followed Nikon and released their version of Snapbridge and Wireless Transmitter Utility, but one upped Nikon with 5GHz Wi-Fi. The leapfrogging just continues.

With the companies constantly leapfrogging each other and improving camera bodies almost every other year, the deciding factor in the long run are the lenses. Do you fancy the 28-70 f2? Get the EOS R or if the Sony 100mm STF is your kind of thing, get the Sony. If the 14-30 appeals to you, then get the Z. Everyone has got different priorities and you get the lenses to do the right job, then you get the bodies to use those lenses with.

Would love to see Nikon be able to ditch their reliance on Sony's sensors... Samsung?

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