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Re: Sony A7rIV vs Nikon "Z8"

goactive wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

goactive wrote:

I see no need ever for 61MP or even 47 or anything larger than 24MP.

I sell prints every week to customers and at 24MP there is no size that we can not already print and with cropping in. We could already do this back with 12MP cameras so now with 24MP it's a bit of overkill already.

I think maybe at best 3% of working photographers will ever need or use that many MP for anything they shoot.

This is why I went with two Z6s not a Z7 the 24MP files are more easy to work with for speed and storage and making prints.

In the past week, I shot and edited over 6000 raw images from jobs, I do not want or need larger files to slow me down. Even the time it takes to back up everything takes time.

Loading in time, Loading into Lightroom time, Backing up to two drives times. Then the image editing time for each photo in LR.

Give me a Nikon 24MP leaf shutter camera with built-in 24-70 F2 lens and that is what would be so much more useful for outdoor portraits using flash to knock down the sun easy with no need for HSS that sucks the power out of your flash and extend your flash recycle times.

Understand and that is why they made the Z6 but my Z7 is primarily for landscape photography and I will throw my camera in the trash before I'll take and process 6000 raw images in a week.

The Z6 can do all the same things for landscape photos as the Z7 including making large prints with cropping in. More MP does not = sharper or more detailed images just larger files.

I am working shooting jobs every day in summer. I just edited over 700 images tonight. Have 25 jobs this month so far did 27 last month. Shot 3 weddings and 5 portrait sessions in the past 7 days so that +s a lot of editing every night. Shot a family reunion of 48 people today.

All 48 then smaller groupings. Here is one of the smaller grouping.

In winter I do not work much I make 75% or more of my living in 4 months of summer. We are in a tourist town area. everything happens the most in summer here.

Beautiful Photo!

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