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Re: Sony A7rIV vs Nikon "Z8"

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RichyjV wrote:

Its a very impressive set of numbers. But the number of images possible with that setup that weren't already possible at equal quality (on the same size medium) is getting smaller and smaller. If you're shooting for billboards then there is a tangible return but shooting for any screen size web content only then really this is stuff that a camera 10 years ago did almost as well in the right conditions, and 2 years ago almost identically.

I like to print big but even then its a tiny % of shots, and for most of my stuff my Z7 may be a lovely camera to use but the MP I got out of my old D700 were also sufficient in good light. My eyes aren't going to get any sharper, my computer monitor isn't going to get much bigger and even with a very high power graphics card my monitor resolution isn't going to challenge an entry level DSLR in the slightest.

15 Stops of DR though...

Only 0.2 tenths more dynamic range than the D850 (14.8 stops) and 0.4 tenths more than the Nikon Z7 (14.6 stops). Dynamic Range alone isn't this camera's true worth.

After diving into it's specs, this body seems like it's geared towards photographers (not videographers) who want medium format resolution but from a full frame sensor; making it good at capturing action sports shots (10 fps) and able to capture wide dynamic range landscapes and high contrast scenario images with great detail. Although the jury is out on how well it's autofocus tracking performs at 61MP.

Not an earth-shaking camera to say the least, but is perfectly marketed towards non or semi-pros/hardcore hobbyists who are focused on stills.

For Sony, it's smart. It's offering a beefed up mirrorless STILLS camera without cannibalizing sales of it hybrid mirrorless king A9 or its dedicated prosumer/pro video camera lineup.

In response, Nikon will likely introduce it's mirrorless D5 that will likely be more on par with this Sony A7RIV in regards to resolution (megapixels). Who knows?

Completely agree with you, aside from that I do think it is somewhat industry shaking as far as milcs are concerned.  To have 60+ mp with 10fps on tap (depending on your settings) is extremely impressive.

I personally still find this camera half-baked, cannibalized as you said, to a degree as well.  I really was surprised to not see a fully functional touch-screen, perhaps leaving this out is saves them some level of resource used elsewhere.  Their redesigned ergonomics will definitely be welcome but they should have done even more if they wanted to truly pull from the Canikon camp... such as fully redesign their menu system.

What they did say loudly though was that everyone is trying to play catch up to us,  and we are the industry innovative leaders, though they should have used another MC to convey it "So, what do you think about that!" lol.  To impressionable new photographers, or those moving to mirrorless, this is pretty clear, though I completely agree with a pervious post that specs are not the sum of the whole experience.

Competition is great for the industry and I for one have absolutely no need of a 60mp Raw file size.  If Sony was smart they would release an A74 quickly with the ergonomic changes and a better screen... even if it was just nabbing the screen from the current A7RIII.

The A74 very likely will drive down the current A7RIII & maybe even the A7III's current price-point, forcing Canikon to possibly follow suit... which will work out well for me as I'm in the market .

Truly hoping that Nikon & Canon have the creative and financial resources to weather the changes... if numbers mean anything they are both situated well on top and every press or sports event I see, there are very few if any mirrorless being used.

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