Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

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Michal Minich
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Re: Auto ISO with the M5/M50 - how are you coping with the limited adjustability??

I found inability to set minimum shutter speed in Av or do speed adjustments very limiting an annoying. I already miss a couple of shots because of it. This is my Top 1 requirement for my camera upgrade. I really hope M5/6 Mark II will have it.

I always shoot in Av, Tv or M modes, always in auto ISO (set to 3200 or 6400). I find the ISO performance good up to 3200.

When shooting my kid, I need usually need to use 1/200 or shorter to avoid blurry images. Very often this is not possible in Av mode - my favorite. I have to switch then to M mode. Then set the time manually. This results in sub-optimal results - either I set the time too short and get higher-ISO than necessary, or too long, and I get overexposed image. Also it takes additional time to change the modes and T value. Which is even worsened when I have to shoot between sunlight and shadow.

This one of main limitations which prevents me to take shots I want. The other is inability to set shutter priority over focus priority; also 'shutter lag' in servo-AF for first shot.

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