Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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Re: Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

thechandra wrote:

I know a lot of people are clamoring for a new APS-C body and I get that, but I really just want to see some more native lenses on the wide end. We need a mid range f2.8-f4 zoom pretty bad, I don't think a constant f2.8 mid zoom is really necessary since it would just be way to heavy unless it was all plastic. The lack of a solid mid range zoom its starting to get really irritating and I haven't even been in the Sony eco system very long hah.

I agree. I have heard that Fuji is coming out with a 16-80 lens at the end of this year that is constant f4 aperture. While I would prefer a f2.8-f4 like you suggest, even just having a quality 16-80 f4 lens would go a long way. It seems like the current 16-70Z is inconsistent where you have the possibility of getting a bad version, and even the good version is decent but way overpriced for what you get. If I jump into mirrorless APS-C I am not sure if I am going to go for Sony or Fuji. I like the Sony bodies a lot more. And even though people always praise Fuji's lenses, when you combine the native Sony lenses with lenses by Sigma and other brands, you've actually got a pretty decent ecosystem. But with lenses like the upcoming 16-80 f4, and the existing 16-55 f2.8, I'm tempted to go with Fuji instead.

I hope we find out about the upcoming APS-C body relatively soon, and I am especially eager to hear about new APS-C lenses.

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