Apocolypse in my garden

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Apocolypse in my garden

I am bereft.

I have a terrible feeling that the farmers around here have wiped out the whole of my bird population.

There has not been a single bird in my very large garden for the last fortnight.

No tits, no blackbirds, no starlings, no robins, nothing with feathers.

Eerie to say the least. Not to mention quiet. There were always bird noises all day. None at all now.

The clue came when I mentioned this to my neighbours in the village.

None there either.

Somebody mentioned an unusual smell coming off the fields.

Bet my boots it was pesticide. If so, there is little we can do about it.

Farming and birds don’t go together. Bottom line is the name of the game.

Maximise the crop. Sod the birds.

Sod us too, as there must be trace elements in the crops by now, but I never hear anybody mentioning this.

Looks like we’re all doomed by apathy.


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