Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

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Re: Traveling to China, need to backup my files, any suggestions?

nbirkett wrote:

A follow-up. I have sorted out how to do an SD card back-up using the phone app that links to the RAVPower unit via WiFi. In that case, you have the option to type in the name of the back-up directory. Incremental back-ups then work.

  1. Back-up your sd card today into a directory called 'Back-uo 1' (as an example).
  2. Take some more photos tomorrow onto the sd card.
  3. Then do a second back-up tomorrow into the same directory (Back-up 1).
  4. The software recognizes that some of the photos already exist and asks if you want to 'over-write' the files.
  5. If you select the 'apply to all files' option and click the 'cancel button, it will skip backing up the files already on the USB drive while backing up the new ones that aren't already there. Clicking 'cancel isn't intuitive since you might expect that to cancel the whole transfer rather than apply the 'do not copy option.

Excellent information.  Thank you.  And yeah, clicking on "Cancel" is not intuitive at all.

The main negatives I have found with this device so far are:

  1. The software and manual are hard to understand;
  2. Transfers are slow;
  3. You need to carry at least two devices to use it for backups (the RAVpower unit and a disc), three (your phone) if you want to used the control software. From that point of view, the WD Wireless drive is easier since you only need one device for auto back-ups.

I'll already being carrying two of those devices anyways (phone & a couple of USB drives) so I don't mind the third.  Besides which, when staying in hotels and some condos, I will bring a small router in order to deal with places that either only provide Ethernet or that limit the number of wi-fi connections.  So in some cases, the RAVPower unit would replace a device, anyway.

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