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Re: Recommendation entry level mirrorless system

camrem wrote:

We’ve looked at:

Canon M100: cheapest and most compact option and similarities in menu system to S95. But really disliked the handling.

Never buy a camera you dislike handling. It's the best way to make sure you will not be using it much.

Fuji X-T100: liked this very much but are concerned about autofocus issues mentioned in reviews.

Reviews need to point out all the flaws and are necessarily nitpicky. How much those flaws would actually impact your use is a completely different thing. Don't obsess over it too much.

If you don't have some special needs, it's unlikely that you would be limited by the camera in your ability to take nice photos. The cameras nowadays are really capable, even the entry level ones.

Higher end Fuji like X-T1 (used) also fits within budget but we would also need to find a nice lens to fit within budget.

The 18-55 kit zoom is a very nice starting point.

Olympus E-M10 II: really liked it, nice offerings with two lenses and given the price of the lenses (both oly and pana) we might be able to get a nice prime as well. But the model is four years old and are a bit concerned about m43s future.

If you are concerned about the future of Micro 4/3, you should probably have to be concerned about any other camera maker. Things are only getting tougher for them. Even looking at FF market right now makes it look like a race to the bottom, with aggressive pricing and price drops worryingly soon after launch (and at the same time a push towards very expensive premium products on the lens front).

But combined with lens offerings this seems the most bang for buck option.

Priorities are size and handling, price.

Image quality is important as well but I am sure most options above would outperform our k5, nex5t or s95

Entry level Micro 4/3 would be around Nex5-T level in terms of image quality. Panasonic would probably lag a bit behind in terms of high ISO performance.

My question is. What would you recommend or am I missing an option?

You might check out Panasonic, they tend to have some very attractively priced kits. For example B&H has GX85 with tiny 12-32 and 45-150 for $500. In some ways it's better than E-M10 Mark II (mostly AF and video).

But other than that, but what feels good and you think would be fun to use.

And I would say that having more lenses open more new possibilities than half a stop better low light performance or a few more pixels. If I were to choose between GX85 + 12-32 + 45-150 and X-T100 + 15-45 at the same price, I would choose Panasonic without even batting an eye. And not based on the numbers in the specs, but because with that kit you can simply do more kinds of shots. There's more fun to be had, I would argue. More things to try out.

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