Mirrorless electronic shutter problems action?

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Re: Mirrorless electronic shutter problems action?

Currantos wrote:


Is anyone using electronic shutter mirrorless camera option when shooting action/movement?

Good question.  I do sometimes when using specific features for burst shooting.  And when shooting video.

I am reading about rolling shutter problems and they show great examples of what happens with panning and also the stripes from pulsating indoor lighting.

Yes, it would depend on the camera type, some cameras have little to no rolling shutter when panning, while others have massive rolling shutter. Fortunately, I have 1 camera that has good control over rolling shutter, and the other has horrible rolling shutter.

It took some trial and error, to learn how fast I could move the camera for video and photo with the camera with horrible rolling shutter. And the camera with almost no rolling shutter covers everything I need for run and gun 4K video, and photo without any rolling shutter.

Does that also work if I am stationary and the subject is moving? Anyone has examples to show maybe? Like athlete running/jumping and you are following with burst?

It all depends. Sometimes there are conditions where rolling shutter can be used as a tool, especially when getting creative with lower shutter speeds. That's where skills would help keep specific parts of the pic in clear focus, while other parts of the pic show the action and movement.

Are all indoor lighting pusating and how to avoid?

Depends on the camera, some have ability to set specific frequency for light, while other cameras have the auto, and 60 or 50hz.

Is electronic shutter burst something to avoid with action/indoor?

I try to avoid using electronic shutter when possible. But, for some burst features the camera I have uses electroinc shutter. And with video, there is no way around it. Thus, the only way to learn the limitations of the camera's rolling shutter is to push it to the limits of exposure and shutter speeds to see where the acceptable limits are.

thank you

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