Recommendation entry level mirrorless system

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Olympus OM-D E-M10-II

The Olympus OM-D E-M10-II is a gem.  It's a complete steal.

Olympus is mainly run by engineers. They sometimes make products that are a little bit too good. And then the marketing department has to 'fix' things.

IThe M10 Mark-II so good, Olympus felt the need to dumb down the newer model, the Mark-III.   My guess is that the Mark II ate into the sales of the higher priced M5 by being so very good.

So the Mark-II is a true Olympus camera.  The Mark-III has the same internals but it's dumbed down to be a true entry level camera.   The Mark-II is above entry-level. 
Because the III is out, the Mark-II is now available at a discount.  It's a really good deal.

M4/3  super-portable.  You mentioned size/weight as a major concern.  I routinely carry a camera and 2 lenses (24-200 equivalent) in a tiny bag, with room to spare.

As for the future:  Olympus is dedicated to it. They are bringing out new lenses and new cameras.  Which, btw are all interchangeable within the M4/3 ecosystem.
Sharp just got in.
There were doubts about Panasonic but they show no signs of leaving.
There is a huge range of lenses - multiple choices for each focal range, from consumer to pro.  Everything mixes and matches.

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