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15-85 for sure. The 2mm less at the wide end makes a difference, lens corrections are applied automatically and this lens...

Only with newer DSLR's that the "Lens aberration corrections" settings that include correction for barrel distortion for JPG images.

Older DSLR's (e.g., 70D) "Lens aberration corrections" only corrects "Peripheral illumin." and "Chromatic aberration" — does NOT correct barrel distortion.

Still, that is more than the 17-70, where no single correction finds place.

My point which I clearly noted was using the CANON 15-85mm on a CANON body for those that mainly shoot JPG.

My post/ point for users with older CANON DSLR's (e.g.,70D, etc.) reading your post could be misleading that "... corrections are applied automatically and this lens..." is incorrect.

Been using the 15-85mm for over 10 years with various Cannon DSLR's, IMHO the major issue for JPG shooters is the OOC JPG's with older CANON DSLR;s is the barrel distortion at 15mm.

I've recommend the 15-85mm many times over the years with the caveat for JPG shooters they may find the 15mm distortion objectionable.

... And second, when shooting RAW, it is also an advantage in Photoshop, Lightroom and/or DPP, as also here the auto correction applies, where the 17-70 has to be done by manually selecting the lensprofile.

I also shoot mainly RAW for years as the earlier DSLR's in-camera JPG did not provide ANY lens/ CA corrections.

For those that only shoot JPG, RAW not a viable solution/ helpful.


OK, fair point, that older cameras do not correct as much as newer one, like the 80D. It is good to have that pointed out. Still true though that it is more than with the 17-70, where no single correction finds place 😬

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