Trying to decide between m5a & m6

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Re: Trying to decide between m5a & m6

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I'm coming from the original RX-100 and have struggled a bit with low-light photos. I was leaning heavily towards the m5a for its low light performance, forgoing the zoom of the m6.

Extensive researching of a new camera has made me wonder how much of my low-light problems were ignorance of the camera's settings and capabilities. So I'm now sligthly favoring the m6.

Is the m6 a better low light performer than the m1, i.e. does the sensor, BSI, optical stabilization and other upgrades compensate for the slower lens (1.3 EV slower than m5)?

what about a rx100 MK V and a HX99?

This way you will have the best of both worlds in your pocket.

I have used an RX100 III paired with an HX90v while on vacation for the last few years. One in each front pocket of my jeans. It has worked very well. Recently my RX 100 III developed focusing issues and needed to be replaced. I strongly considered the RX 100 VA for the low light capability and continuing using the HX90v.

I just bought the RX100 VI and took it on vacation, leaving the HX90v at home. I did not miss the 90 and I had no issues with low light performance of the RX100 VI vs the RX100 III. One less thing to carry and one less battery. I have only used the HX90v for between 5-10% of my vacation shooting and now it would be even less if paired with the RX100 VI.

Since I already have the HX90v I will take it on my trip to Portugal this fall as a backup camera.

We are all different, the average  focal length that I use it's around 200 mm (last time I checked), so for me, the MK VI it's a camera to avoid, not only it's the slowest of the rx line but also it's short when compared with the HX line.

200 mm it's a good walk around lens.

But I understand where you are coming from, not always we can use the telephoto reach (very dependable of conditions, like, haze, heat, pollution, etc ) and in those cases the MK VI can shine over the HX.

But nevertheless I prefer having the option or the ability to push further.

For now, my high priority is to get rid of my 18-140mm lens of my other camera and buy

a longer lens. (I'm  almost there)

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