I've been waiting on the new sigma "designed for mirrorless" lenses, and now...

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sportyaccordy wrote:

Where did I say anything about Sony not being forward thinking or innovative? Don't put words in my mouth.

That's fair. That isn't what you said. My apologies

My only points are that the lens lineup is easily FE system's biggest weakness,

That part is fair. While at the same time not.

and that Canon managed to build up a much more comprehensive lens lineup over the same time that Sony FE has been in existence.

No. This is just dead wrong. F

you correctly explained they refreshed a lot of lenses in this time period. Makes sense. Some of the designs they replaced where very out of date.

Second is that I have given you the numbers repeatedly.

Sony FE has been in play for 5 years and 9 months. Compare the lenses Canon released from February 2012 to November 2017 to the FE lineup- even while updating EF-S & EF-M

Now you are just cherry picking data. This is a different time period. And Sony too was working on other projects during this time period. This is just a continually moving Target since you know your statement about "fully refreshing" or "releasing a larger lineup" in the same time period is demonstrably wrong.

edit: canon 18 for years 2012-2018. Sony 25. I looked it up out of curiousity. Wrong again. Please stop making me look stuff up. The data is there. You are wrong. What is that four times?

Now your opinion of the offerings is yours to have BUT facts about numbers don't change

they managed to make a more complete lineup. And keep in mind they basically stopped updating EF last September. Keep in mind I'm NOT counting any of Canon's lenses before that 2/2012... but even with that in mind the only key missing EF lenses are the 28/2.8 (which came out 2/2011), 85 1.8 and 50 1.4.

That's just my opinion,

No. Lens release dates and numbers are facts. 22 to 32 for the first set of dates provided. That is massively in favor of Sony. Although, as I stated many times Sony HAD to be more aggressive they were coming from a different position.

it is what it is. Let's just agree to disagree.

We can discreet on opinions all day long. That is fine. FWIW I FULLY agree Canon EF has the most robust lens lineup. Spending almost two decades with the same mount and as a market leader will give you that. Even Nikon wasn't as ambitious. BUT in the modern world it is Sony being ambitious. Seriously, Sony has released more first party glass since the R lineup was released than Canon has released. That is on top of Sony getting third party love. Actually I need to check that one. Off the top of my head 400, 600, 200-600, 35 1.8, 135, uh oh.......

Edit. I was wrong. it is 4 Sony six Canon. If you could extend things a month then it would be a tie. Or include third party and Sony would win handily. like 12 to 6

Canon still has time to recover but lens wise the advantage is massivley Sony in mirrorless . They are getting to a point where it isn't absurd to talk about their ecosystem compared to FX and EF. Both Fuji and 4/3 are older and Fuji has been passed. 4/3 TECHNICALLY has a number advantage but it isn't by much and much of it is redundancies by the two manufacturers. There is something like 7 14-42 kit lenses between the two not even counting color differences.

So yes I partly agree Sony can(and will) go further in lens selections. Pretending that they aren't addressing it is absurd.

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