I've been waiting on the new sigma "designed for mirrorless" lenses, and now...

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sportyaccordy wrote:

golfhov, Canon began refreshing its whole EF lineup starting in 2012. Sony FE launched in 2013.

kind of. This is a continuation of what is frustrating about you. Sony FE was announced with two or three months to go in the year 2013. Don't know when it was actually released but adding in lenses Canon put out in those two years is giving them a massive head start.

Edit: I looked it up. Seven. Canon released seven lenses in those two years. 15 in the next 5

So they both built out essentially new lens systems over essentially the same period.

six years and eight years is not "the same". 22 lenses. In a shorter period of time Sony had put out 32.

Sorry that is impressive given that Canon has a FAR larger installed user base to sell to.

Yet Canon's post 2011 lens lineup covers a wider range of price and focal lengths. Really the only new EF lenses missing that I can think of are an 85 1.8 and 50 1.4... the old 85 1.8 is still competitive 30 years on; 50 1.4 is served by 3rd parties

sorry 22 is less than 32. That is with Canon getting two extra years. at the rate things went sony could have 42. as to the variety Sony has a far wider "variety" released BUT they had to they were starting from nothing. Canon got to pick and choose what to replace

Meanwhile there are 10 35s on Sony FE, with more yet to come (Yongnuo).... but probably 10 lenses in the FE lineup that either don't exist that should, or need a big update/replacement. Doesn't make sense to me

sorry. It just is what it is. Decades of a head start versus LESS than six years. In three months it will have been six years since the first Sony FE camera announcement. Sony also has reached a level where it is starting to get lens designs that never even existed in Canon. ALa 200-600. BUt 32 years VS six is hardly fair.

BTW only three of those 22 lenses had a release price under a grand. Looks like seven of the Sony lenses came in under a grand

Look Sony makes mistakes and Canon has done some things right. YOur crazy cherry picking and incorrect statements is just frustrating


you can look at lenses and filter by date

same here


The "value" stuff that you see everywhere is almost all very old or third party stuff. Sony isn't old enough to have old designs and third party manufacturers just jumped on

Edit: sorry, you are free to dislike Sony for any reason you choose but thinking they aren't forward thinking and innovative is weird. The a7riii is currently as good as anything in it's niche in most categories and SONY just updated it. Makes no sense to me as I only see that driving down prices of the riii which means less money for them. Congrats to them. Meanwhile Canon doesn't even have a body that competes with the a7rii

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