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Hi all,

Me and my partner are trying to get back into photography after a couple of years pause. The pause was triggered when we got tired of carrying around the Pentax DSLRs and leaving them more and more in the hotel room.

I used a Sony nex5t for a couple of years but really disliked the menu and ergonomics and struggled to get sharp images to the point I was wondering what was wrong with the camera or lenses. Last year I left it at home and was surprised how much fun I had with my old Canon S95 which I dropped in my suitcase at the last minute.

Although experienced photographers we are looking at entry level systems because a) most of the time these are more compact and b) we don’t want to spend too much before deciding we are making this a serious activity again.

We’ve looked at:

Canon M100: cheapest and most compact option and similarities in menu system to S95. But really disliked the handling.

I think the added adjective says enough

Fuji X-T100: liked this very much but are concerned about autofocus issues mentioned in reviews.

If you aren't complaining about the AF on your old s95 or Nex then I doubt this will really disappoint you

Higher end Fuji like X-T1 (used) also fits within budget but we would also need to find a nice lens to fit within budget.

why not an xt20? the xt1 is pretty dated so unless you found a really good deal I don't know about this choice.

Olympus E-M10 II: really liked it, nice offerings with two lenses and given the price of the lenses (both oly and pana) we might be able to get a nice prime as well.

But the model is four years old and are a bit concerned about m43s future. But combined with lens offerings this seems the most bang for buck option.

if you want small and affordable this may be right up you alley.

Priorities are size,566,719,703,ha,f

and handling,

you are going to have to give them a whirl. We can give you our opinions but they vary


Image quality is important as well but I am sure most options above would outperform our k5, nex5t or s95

s95 yes. The em10 won't do quite as well as the others in your roundup BUT it has the wildcard of IBIS. With certain lenses this can be very helpful

My question is. What would you recommend

sound like the xt100 and em10 ii are both prime candidates for you. I think you could get past the af of the Fuji and in real life the Olympus really won't be much better

or am I missing an option?

I guess my last thing is to not discount 1" pocket able cameras. Pros is they are smaller than the cameras in your list and IQ wise competitive with their bigger sensored relatives. Cons are you may not like the handling and you cannot change lenses. Maybe that is a place to start and then see if you want to go further

Thanks for the elaborate answer. I do feel size needs to be experienced first hand. I expected the M100 to be much smaller compared to the XT100 based on

And hands on you can figure out how a camera "feels". I put the lx10 in that comparison. IMO the grip is too small and should have texture BUT you are at an extreme in small size.

The S95 wasn’t the quickest with autofocus. Not suitable for every situation but performed up to my expectations given the type of camera it was.

The next 5t was ok in terms of speed.

If you found AF acceptable here then you need to look past the AF sections of reviews. Most of the new stuff is noticeably better so just because one isn't "great" it will still be an improvement

But somehow unsharp 1 out of 3 times. I tried faster shutter speeds and a tripod to rule out motion blur but still unreliable. Both with the 16-50 kitlens as well as a 19mm f2.8 sigma prime both wide open as well as stopped down.

Weird. The 5t wasn't anything great but if you were happy with your s95 and not that Sony something must have been going on. Oh well......

I am looking at 1 inch sensor compacts as well. But my partner wants at least m43 and the future possibility of changing lenses

WELL......depending on the lenses you want you can start to grow even 4/3 past small.

if I want the DSLR to stay at home 😉

So you still have your Pentax? That's still a good camera and given some lenses available don't rule out getting a 1" cam for walk around and then throwing lenses on your Pentax.......

There are no rules here. You just have to weigh through your options . They all have benefits. It seems 4/3 seems most appropriate just be sure you have crossed everything else off the list

Good luck

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