Software for AI picture indexing - help wanted!

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Software for AI picture indexing - help wanted!


I have been taking digital pictures since 2002 and have approx. 500K of them archived in various external HDDs. Finally I have decided to index them into a searchable, usable gallery! Since it will take a lot of time to sort them manually, perhaps you could suggest some software or workflow solution.

Basically I want to:

1. Add face recognition and have them searchable by people featured in pictures
2. Add specific scene descriptions and keywords into Exif metadata (e.g. sunset; building; ship; car etc.)
3. Be able to search image EXIF metadata

I do not want to upload the pictures to any online service (takes time; storage will cost; privacy issues). I want to have a searchable indexed gallery on my home PC.

So my questions:
1. Does any software have face recognition capabilities?
2. Does any photo management software has AI for scene / object description and can automatically update EXIF metadata?
3. What is the best tool for Exif metadata search?

Or simply - how would you address my situation? What is your workflow for managing/tagging your gallery backlog?

I came to realize that there are so many moments captured in the pictures and due to the fact that the pictures are simply arranged by filename it is difficult to rediscover them.

Thank you so much for your support!

Kind regards,

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