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Austinian wrote:

Trout Bum wrote:

Here’s an example of the fun stuff I get to see on Alaska’s north slope. Both were edited on my Lenovo Y510 IdeaPad. I’m pretty happy with the output. That being said, would an external monitor truly help make for a better edit? It’s a little off topic but could be influential with regards to choosing a laptop with more expensive monitor quality.

Since you can't transport an external monitor, I wouldn't worry about that at this point, but as you're wanting a new laptop it makes sense to get one with a high-quality display.

Just what constitutes a high-quality display is, no surprise, highly controversial. For some, nothing short of the finest external monitors will do; others have more relaxed requirements.

My personal opinion is that a reasonable choice for most users is an otherwise-suitable laptop with an IPS panel having a color gamut approaching 100% of sRGB, and the use of a hardware color calibrator. I'd also want at least FHD resolution.

I agree.

The main problem is that, if you have a monitor with very dim colors and < 95% sRGB, your edits  tend to be over-saturated.

The so-called 4K (UHD) laptop screens are generally wider gamut than the lower resolution screens. A touchscreen consumes more power than non-touch, if that is a concern for you.

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