I've been waiting on the new sigma "designed for mirrorless" lenses, and now...

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Re: balance

golfhov wrote:

snip Look no further than the success of their crop 1.4 primes to see how well such a strategy could work.

I dunno...

I do have one of their F1.4 lenses, and I love it. They should definitely keep doing those.

That being said... not many F1.2 AF choices in Emount space. So... Seems like that could be a very viable strategy for them also.

Dont see why they couldnt do both.

I'm not saying they should stop stuff like the ART line. Just that there seems to be way more opportunity and demand below it than above it.

lens wise?


Even in FF I'm sure there are more people looking for ~$500 lenses than $2000-3000 lenses.

you left a MASSIVE window of 500-2000 available in the middle. Which it would be interesting to see the average release price from companies. I know Canon R has absolute blown the mean by having three out of six lenses over $2000. That 700-1700 range also seems to be where Sigma likes to put their product. Even REALLY cheap manufactureres like rokinon seem to struggle to try and break a $500 barrier

I was just speaking to the 2 extremes

DSLR lens lineups are proof of that

I dunno. Taking exaggeration and hyperbole out of the conversation. The REALLY cheap stuff always seems to move in volume. Think nifty fifties and bad telephoto zooms. These seem aimed at newcomers and really budget oriented people. Then all manufacturers seem to jump highly to "quality" gear. Leaving third party manufacturers or older equipment to try and thread that middle. You like to refer to Canon. I don't remember the last Canon EF lens released under $500. Was it the 50 STM retread?

Well they did the RF 35 1.8 for $450

But for EF mount they did their leg work on the low price end long ago. EF 24/2.8, 28/2.8, 35/2, 24-105 STM, 70-300 II are all competitive despite being as much as 7 years old and $600 or less. And that's Canon... a 1st party company without the economy of scale advantage of multiple mounts like 3rd party companies have. A $450 35 1.8 has a much bigger market than say a $1300 Batis 40. A bunch of expensive lenses aren't really "choices" for the bulk of the market

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