Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

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Re: Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

Sea Hunt 2 wrote:

Hi everyone,

Nikonrumors .com just published information of the new Aurora Aperture filters. For the users of the older Nikon lenses these adapters and filters can probably greatly reduce the sensor dust problems as a filter can permanently be placed in the adapter between the Nikon Z6/7 camera and the lens:

Only if you permanently keep the adapter on the camera. We also don't know how complete the fitting is.  Does it entirely seal off the mount?  Or does it leave significant gaps?

”Aurora Aperture AMF drop-in filters offer many advantages over traditional front mounted lens filters. Since a drop-in filter goes inside a mount adapter...”

One of the new filters is a sensor protector filter:

”PowerUVTM, a sensor protector filter to shield the camera sensor from contamination.”

Good news or what do you others think?

The other thing is that many people insist on using a filter on the front of the lens for protection.  So now you're putting a filter on the front of the lens and on the front of the camera body.  More glass.  Personally, if I used the Aurora Aperture filters I would take off the filter on the lens.

Since it requires the adapter this seems like a product with an expiration date stamped on it.  Meaning that as more and more native Z lenses are produced this product would seem to have decreasing utility.  If you're looking at it as dust protection then using Z lenses part of the time defeats the purpose.

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