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Re: Recommendation entry level mirrorless system

You won't beat the image quality you got with your Pentax. Would you take it along if you had an all-in-one zoom lens, or was it still too bulky?

our kit consisted of a sigma 18-200 and 35 mil Pentax. We mostly used the 35. Expect when we expect to need the longer range for instance for wildlife.

I went from a Pentax SLR to a fixed lens camera, the Canon G9X. It's like your old S95, but a step up in terms of sensor size. Nothing can beat a good quality pocket camera, when you want to take something along that's better than a cell phone camera, but aren't committed enough to carry something that will require its own case. Eventually, I missed some telephoto, and added a Panasonic FZ1000. That one's as big as an SLR, but is a lot lighter and only needs the one lens. (as it's equivalent to a 25-400mm, and stabilized)

Olympus has the E-M10 III out now. I just got one, and love it. Olympus' implementation of the ART filters is great, and the 14-42 f/3.5-5.6 EZ kit lens retracts in, so it's not too much bigger than a fixed lens compact, but has a much larger sensor. I got the body cap fisheye lens and have been having fun with that and using it to fill in when the kit lens isn't wide enough.

not sure about the fz1000. We’re kind of fond of fast primes. Something g9x might be added for really lazy moments but not as our primary system.

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