I've been waiting on the new sigma "designed for mirrorless" lenses, and now...

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Re: I've been waiting on the new sigma "designed for mirrorless" lenses, and now...

DenImage wrote:

TN Args wrote:

DenImage wrote:

I gotta be blunt here.

We waited a long time for Sigma to produce native FE glass, and I'm pretty disappointed with what they've announced so far.

I prefer compact light lenses. Sigma announced their 45mm f2.8 a few weeks after Samyang released their 45mm f1.8, which was optically excellent

Seen a bench test?


at a good price point. Who the hell is gonna be interested in the slow f2.8 Sigma???

Sigma's strategy of optical excellence regardless of size/weight may not be the right direction in the mirrorless market. Panasonic are seemingly going in the same direction. Let's see their sales numbers.


Sure -- they never do any product marketing, so they always make the wrong decisions.

Being sarcastic isn't a convincing counter opinion, it's just childish.

Still, it's factual and appropriate to remind you that they base their decisions on market research, when you seemingly doubt it. Internet warriors telling manufacturers that they are going about their business the wrong way, now that is childish. Hence humorous reply.

Sigma have clearly stated they are getting out of the cheap budget alternative lens market (their former market position) as its profitability was on the wane, and their strategy now revolves around top-end optics while still being well-priced.

Really? I never heard or read anything from Sigma about that. Please post a link where they state that?

Link . This isn't where I previously saw it, but first one that came up on Google.

"Shifting our brand to a more premium range was definitely a good move."

If that is not what you want, then shop with another brand. Maybe Samyang. I am totally sceptical about your flat-out claim that a $399 45mm f/1.8 lens is "optically excellent"

My brick wall samples from the Samyang 45mm I had:


Not great

Fred Miranda's Samyang 45mm thread with Samples:


Can't go through 20 pages

Big Bronco Samyang 45mm test and samples:


Not great, but excellent value.

All look "optically excellent" to me.

, and will wager that the wide open performance away from the centre will betray it compared to a bigger and pricier 45-50mm f/1.8 lens, like the Nikon 50mm Z.

I never said it would. My post was clearly stating that compact/lighter lenses are my preference over larger/heavier lenses with optical excellence as a priority.

One has to pick one's balance between price/size/optics/speed when choosing a lens. If optics is your least need and size+speed is your highest need, then Sigma are not looking for you to buy their lenses. Not any more.

See my request for a link above where Sigma stated that?


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