Why is IPhone Better than Android?

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Re: Why is IPhone Better than Android?

There's not really a 'right' or 'wrong' answer to your question because it revolves around subjectivity. The more 'objective' metrics is the fact that android is customisable, you can change the look of the icons, app names, have widgets display time or the weather (I have my S9 looking like it's running on Windows 95 with the icons and wallpaper to match lol), alphabetised apps, et cetera. With iOS the difference is significant. You have less options to personalise your device, but what you trade that with is the fact that most apps from the app store are stable, work well (have less bugs), are compatible with most iPhones and some better first party apps imo, obvious one being iMessage. Although, the counterargument to that is on android we have a lot of alternatives (too many sometimes!).

As for what your friends say it's worth mentioning that they say that through their own bias. I know two friends of mine who switched to android and have noted that it's better than their older iPhone in every way (both of them bought the same phone from the Samsung J series). And android is not the same across all devices. There are multiple 'skins' of android with their own unique set of features, and not all versions of androids get the same updates at the same time. So that's something worth looking into.

If you're thinking of going with iOS in the future, check the differences between the two operating systems. I think I should also point out it's not just the software that's important, it's the hardware as well. iPhones typically don't vary much from each iteration, whereas android devices can vary wildly (like with the note 4 vs the note 5). Some android phones also have hardware features (like a wide angle camera) that Apple does not.

Hope this helps!

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